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This membership website will be your resource for daily, weekly, and monthly updates within the inspection business. We provide you a variety of features so you are able to keep gaining knowledge and professionalism as you enter into your career. Our mission is to set up every inspector that we train to become a qualified, trained, and knowledgable inspector. With daily insights into the inspection world, your business flourishes and thrives with comprehensive software, marketing, sales, and customer service resources.

Unlimited Membership

With daily insights into the inspection and marketing world, your business flourishes and thrives with comprehensive software, marketing, sales, and customer service resources. Daily posts, tutorials, and interactive education allows you to apply what you learn for unlimited growth. When you sign up for the 2-Day Intensive Course, you receive a 30 day free trial!

Intensive 2-Day Course

Learn from the CEO of one of the largest home inspection companies in the country, Axium Inspections, as he teaches you the ins and outs of effective marketing campaigns to boost your sales. From the marketing procedures, to the graphics, to the implementation of business operations, we will teach you how we have become a multi-million dollar company so you can be succesful too.

30-Day Go-to-Market

We are now offering an exclusive course featuring step-by-step tutorials to implement marketing campaigns, one day at a time. By the end of the month, you will have implemented 30 marketing campaigns and are on track to growing your business exponentially. These are campaigns that we use everyday and are proven to work. Sign up for the membership today and you’ll get all this FREE!

Get Axium Academy Certified!

Earn an Axium Academy certification badge to gain more customers and grow you business. Learn how below.

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During the course education you will be trained and educated in order to become InterNACHI Certified. We also offer an Axium Academy Certification if you complete our course in it’s entirety. Adding more certifications to your business makes you more credible and trustworthy to clients. This will help you get more customers and it is great to show that you have been thoroughly trained.

Here are the steps to receive the certification badge:

Step 1: Complete all classroom sessions (in class or online)

Step 2: Complete all topics on the InterNACHI website

Step 3: Take and pass the InterNACHI final exam

Step 4: Complete at least 4 in-field training sessions with Axium’s professional inspectors

Upon completing all of these steps we will send you a digital certification logo that you can use for all of your marketing material and any other place you want to. Please contact us with any questions or concerns. Thank you!

About the Unlimited Membership

Marketing Education

Exclusive Access to Marketing Secrets

We’ll share the strategies and marketing secrets that we use to promote our multi-million dollar company. As we learn and grow we will share this knowledge with you to use in your business.  This is as close to real time marketing as it gets.

Daily & Weekly Marketing Training

Keep yourself updated with the most efficient forms of marketing with these articles. Learn all about new marketing media avenues and how to use them to grow your business.

Monthly Return on Investment Analysis

Monthly Return on Investment Analysis We’ll help you track your success and improve where needed. We’ll even compare your ROI with Axium and others to see how you rank and show you how you can improve to be the best.

Campaign Review and Optimization

We’ll show you the necessary steps to optimize your campaigns for the best ROI. We’ll even compare them to Axium and others in order to make sure you’re at the very top of the spectrum.

Live & Digital Workshops

Get access to all the best tips and tricks in the digital sphere presented in our live and digital workshops! You’ll get a presentation specific to a marketing campaign, strategy, or procedure.

30 Day Go-To-Market Strategy

Even with all the marketing information in the world, without a strategy you won’t see great returns. We’ll work with you to construct a 30 day plan you can tailor to your brand and implement for success.

Marketing Podcasts

Take Axium with you wherever you go! With on-demand podcasts updates, get the necessary knowledge you need to perform a better inspection, at home, or on the go.  Your drive time university awaits.

Weekly Customer Service Strategies

With Customer Service being a critical facet of the referral program, we’ll keep you on track for optimal success.

Print Marketing Material

You don’t have to be a designer to send out marketing material. We prepare editable designs for you each month that you can customize, print, and send to your customers and leads!

Everything we offer is available for you to use instantly, even during your trial.

Sign up for a free trial to start learning and growing your company.

About the Unlimited Membership

Home Inspector Education

Inspection Report Writing Software

You get complete use of our proprietary software. This software references over 30,000 pre-written inspection comments, liability statements, and report narrative. This software is constantly being updated to protect you and keep your inspections running smoothly.

Instant Text Support Responses

We have over 40 staff members available to support you via phone if you’re in need of some consulting at any point in your workday and over 100 highly skilled inspectors comprising our text matrix making their knowledge accessible to you and any time.

Daily & Weekly Inspection Training

Gain access to the exact training content our Inspectors get! The articles address necessary improvements within the inspection industry and helps minimize your liability.

Defect Recognition

Stay on top of your studies by utilizing the defect recognition articles as a way to ensure you never miss an item that can make or break an inspection!

Continuous Sales Support

Never struggle to book an inspection again, with the help of our staff, we’ll help you to achieve up to a 99% close ratio – just like Axium!

Monthly Scheduled Consultation Calls

Here at Axium Academy, we are here for YOU. Get regularly scheduled monthly conference call tune ups with our CEO!

Inspection Business Operations Training

Professional conduct is key to maintaining your brand. Our operations specialists will work with you to continually develop as Professional Home Inspectors. Let us show you the simple path to repeat business.

After-Hours Consulting

Having questions about inspections, sales, or marketing? We’re still here for you to answer your questions while you reach an obstacle.

Report Review Training

These are actual home inspection reports that have been reviewed and annotated by an inspection manager to help train home inspectors on the proper way to put the report together.

An Inspector’s platform for trustworthy, accurate, and knowledgable ongoing training.

Questions? No problem! We're here to help you.

Give us a call with any questions you have about the membership. We are happy to help you get started in building up your business to be a success.