How to Name Your Business

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How To Name Your Business

IDEAS, IDEAS, IDEAS! Write down at least 20 – 30 different names that you like and narrow down your list using the following tips:

  • MOST IMPORTANT: Make sure  your name is available as a domain name and that nobody else has it! Too often we see people naming their company, registering it, then finding out that someone else already has that name and website to match.
    • Check if your company name idea is already being used: go to and search for it. If the results show companies with that name – don’t use it.
    • Check if your company name idea has an available domain name (website name): go to and type in your company name followed by “.com”. If it’s taken, try maybe 1 or 2 variations of the name to see if they are available. Don’t change the domain too much though. You’ll want to domain to match your name almost exactly.
    • Again, GOOGLE. Google is your friend. Use it to research names.
  • Do not use clever misspellings: people want to be able to find your company easily and if you use a misspelling, it will be challenging for people to search for you online or remember the name at all. For example, Kreative Inc..
  • DO keep it short and sweet: keep your name between 1-3 syllables (exception for “home inspections”). For example, Axium Home Inspections. Axium is 3 syllables and easy to remember.
  • Do get creative: research other company names from competitors in the field. See what their name is and try to come up with something different to stand out.
  • Do not get TOO creative: if you choose a name that is really obscure or has nothing to do with your business, people will have a hard time finding you or recognizing what you even do. Try to keep away from Latin and Greek words as a default – it sounds nice but most people would rather know what you do than how literate you are other languages.
  • Say the name aloud: a name might look great on paper but people will be saying it and it needs to sound good and be easy to pronounce.
  • Avoid web2.0 name: don’t use “u” in place of “you”. Don’t use “4” in place of “for”. Names like this get REALLY confusing and frustrating to work with.
  • Avoid initials: yeah, they’re easy, but they don’t mean anything to a client who doesn’t know you. Big company like IBM have pulled it off but they have been around for decades and are multi-billion dollar companies.