Inspection Training

Software Update – Dishwasher “Inspected” Comment

One of the most common phone calls that we receive after the client has moved into their home is an issue with the dishwasher not working properly. Inspection of all appliances, including the dishwasher, is outside the scope for a general home inspection. This means that we aren’t even required to inspect the dishwasher according to InterNACHI standards. However, as a courtesy to our clients we will visually inspect the dishwasher and run it through a cycle to check that it heats up and drains. There are very specific pictures that need to be taken for the report in order to help prove that we checked these functions (please review the training post for “How to Inspect the Dishwasher”).

The software has been updated with a new “Inspected” comment to help protect everyone in the future and better explain to the agents/clients our limitations when it comes to the inspection of the dishwasher. Please review the previous statement and the new statement below.