Inspection Training


  1. Mike,
    I used the web site to practice my own research the serial number example above does not match the site information. The site tells you that the 9th thru 12th number in the Weatherking units are the week and year the unit was manufactured. The example label on the serial number only has a total of 10 numbers and letters?

    What I am i doing wrong?

  2. In regards to the hearing impaired inspection scam.
    Please investigate a call or an email, before blowing it off as a scam.
    I had probably the funnest inspection experience with an entire family speaking and hearing impaired. We texted and used pocket sized notebook for entire inspection process. All the way through to using credit card for fee. It didn’t look quite like the scam, and trusting my gut led to a great inspection experience!

  3. Mike what do you mean by correct format? do we need to pick small, medium and or large? I understand the landscape portion however, I thought I heard Wade say that they upgraded that feature to be able to accept the pictures in landscape and prorate either?

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