Inspection Training

Report Writing Training for Condos & Townhouses

Please review the sections below for some additional training on writing reports in regards to condos and townhouses. There will be multiple sections that get excluded when you perform a condo or townhouse inspection and it is important to exclude the areas properly. If you do not exclude the areas properly it will create confusion for the agents and clients.

It is also important to make sure you differentiate between a “Not Inspected” comment and a “Not Present” comment. If you are not inspecting the crawlspace in your report you need to let them know the reason. Is there no crawlspace at the property, which makes it (Not Present), or is the crawlspace blocked and you can’t inspect it (Not Inspected). If you aren’t clear in explaining these reasons it could open you up to liability and will also result in having to answer follow up calls with questions about the inspection.