Inspection Training

Showing Up On Time to Home Inspections

Plan Ahead and Try to Show up 15 Minutes Before Start of Job

  • It is very important for the inspector to be punctual and show up on time to their inspections. In fact, the inspector should try to show up at least 15 minutes early to the inspection. This way the inspector arrives before the client/agent and you have time to get everything together and ready for the inspection. This will also help if you hit traffic or get a flat tire. It will give you a little bit of leeway.
    If you are going to be late to the inspection you need to call the office to let them know so they can contact the agent/client. Always give the office time to let everyone know if you are going to be late to an inspection. The more time, the better. If your GPS is saying that you are going to be late, call the office no matter what! If an agent has to wait in the car for 5 minutes it will seem like an hour to them, and they will remember that better than the inspection that you do.
    Once you arrive at the inspection (15 minutes early) check and turn on your audio recorder, organize tools/equipment, put shoe covers in tool bag, and take cover picture of the home.
    Driving to Next Inspection:
    Some of the things with getting to next inspection to consider: 
  • Just go ahead and go to your next job as soon as the first job is complete.
  • At that point, do whatever you need to do around your next job (i.e., going to gas station, getting lunch, etc.). This can be key too, because you never know how traffic will be across town.
  • It’s always better to head to the part of town that your next inspection is scheduled because you never know how long the drive can take due to traffic.
    Rain and Snow Days:
    Pre-plan your inspections to arrive on time or early. Look at weather forecast and know your drive time – LEAVE EARLY. You should also have jumper cables, snow scraper and umbrella in your car. In the event of rain/snow you should always plan for the drive time to take double the amount of time that it says on GPS, so make sure to plan accordingly and if you know you are going to be late call the office immediately.