Marketing Resources

Free Inspector Services

Porch is sponsoring some amazing benefits with Inspection Success Network  and Inspector Services Group that you can take advantage of as an Axium Academy student and Master Your Market Member (exclusively). We highly recommend that you take advantage of this promotion because it will save you thousands of dollars and make your inspection process much easier.

Professional Email Templates

Use these Axium emails as a guide to how you will create your own emails. From quotes to payment notifications, referencing these will get you on the right track to professional emailing.

Print Material

You don’t have to be a designer to send out marketing material. We prepare editable designs for you each month that you can customize, print, and send to your customers and leads! Customize each document with your company’s information and use them however you please.

48-Point Marketing Campaign

Use this 48-Point Marketing Strategy to maximize your network and gain more jobs. There are marketing campaigns associated with each person in the home inspection process – the client, the agent, the listing agent, and the homeowner. Follow this guide to get the most out of your existing contacts.

Monthly Conference Webinar

We host monthly conference webinar each month to ensure you’re getting direct input about your marketing campaigns from the talented team here at Axium. The CEO, Wade Williamson, will be hosting the calls and discussing improvements that can be made to each of the campaigns.

After-Hours Consulting

Have questions about inspections, sales, or marketing? We’re still here for you to answer your questions when you reach an obstacle. Give us a call anytime at 303-355-5269.


Keep yourself updated with the most efficient forms of marketing with these articles. Learn all about new marketing media avenues and how to use them to grow your business.

Business and Marketing Vendors

Need a little help finding a company to work with for marketing production or business? Look no further! Here is a great list of vendors we use for our operations. From promotional material, to business cards, to legal services, this is your go-to list of preferred vendors.


30 Day Go-To-Market

Implement marketing campaigns by using our step-by-step processes with detailed instructions. The tutorials are comprehensive and give you all the details you need to start the marketing campaigns that have been proven to work. Just one campaign a day for a month and you’re on track to be growing exponentially!

Master Your Market Crash Course

We presented a condensed marketing course at the InterNACHI event and invite you to watch the class for free! Wade, the CEO of Axium Inc., gives you insider knowledge into the world of marketing including specific strategies to get leads, book jobs, and maintain happy customers. Watch the replay anytime you would like for a recap.

Call Center

Use our call center service to focus on home inspecting. We’ll answer your calls, follow up with customers, schedule your inspections, and provide great customer service.

Give us a call at 303-562-1927 to set up the call center.