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Make Sure You Don’t Trip Breakers While Inspecting The Electrical Panel

COMPLAINT FROM HOMEOWNER: After the home inspection took place at our property our oven was not operational. What did your home inspector do while he was at the property? Did he turn off the gas to the oven? This is something that needs to be corrected as soon as possible.


This was a complaint where the listing agent called after hours because the seller’s were frustrated that the oven wasn’t working to the gas stove. It was originally thought by the seller’s that the inspector turned the gas off to the stove. As a home inspector, we NEVER operate any shut off valve.


After further investigation, it was discovered that the breaker had been tripped in the electrical panel. While inspecting the electrical panel it is extremely important to make sure that you don’t accidentally trip any breakers and you leave the panel in the same condition that it was found. This is why you want one of your cover photos to show a a picture of all the breakers so if needed, you can refer to this photo to make sure all the breakers are in the same position that you found them before you touched the panel. We are NOT supposed to trip breakers or test them by turning them off/on, but if we accidentally do this we need to set it back to the proper condition.


This complaint call could have been avoided and time could have been saved by all parties if the inspector would have made sure that the electrical panel was restored to the proper condition. We were able to walk the seller’s through the steps to get this breaker back on and working, so in the end the complaint was resolved.