Social Media Prowess


Social Media can be a very important marketing tool if used properly. Boosting or paying for specific ads that are targeted for a certain demographic (age, location, gender, interests) can benefit your business page and promote your specified special, discount, advertisement or provide general brand recognition. Customers will be more likely to engage or click on your page/ads if your social media presence looks professional and has consistent relevant postings.

Depending on your customer base, the amount of time and money spent on your social media may vary. But it is important to have relevant, up to date postings and photos to create a significant brand across all bases of the internet.

Social media also provides a place for customers to leave reviews, get in contact with your company, and deliver a user-friendly experience on a familiar format. Most social media sites provide insights on your posts, so you are able to view who is clicking your ads or posts (aka “engaging”), when your posts are getting the most engagements (what time of day provides the most return), and what types of posts are getting the most likes or views.

Basic Social Media Checklist: üFacebook Business Page üInstagram Business Page üTwitter account

*Try to keep names or “handles” consistent across all platforms


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