Networking Proficiency




1. Advise friends and family of service
a. Names of family, phone, mailing address, email address b. Combining into spreadsheet and CRM

2. Google local
3. Google AdWords

a. Want to be on the first or second page of search
b. The better your quality score, the better your landing page,

and the better your click through rates are; the less you

have to spend to outrank other people 4. Local real estate investment groups

a. Sponsor
5. Everyone you know who you can get referrals from 6. How to increase sphere

  1. Networking at social evens
  2. Anything related to children, grandchildren, extended family,in laws, etc
  3. Children’s parents, friends’ parents, children’s teachers,coachers
  4. Neighbors, coworkers
  5. Anyone you come into contact with on adaily/weekly/monthly basis
  6. Referrals from people you know

g. Run through bank accounts to check who you’ve can become a contact

7. Secondary tertiary that people your contacts know 8. Employee spheres
9. What to do with sphere


There are numerous events that you could set up a booth or offer sponsor money to put up some signage.

Most cases this is affordable advertising and a great place to establish a presence.

Possible locations: • 5Ks

• GolfTournaments • Block Parties
• Conventions
• Fairs

Recommended supplies: • Business Card

• Rack Card • Flyers
• Banners
• TableCloth • Grab bag

• Business Pens

paid that


There are various business groups and community clubs that would be a great place to network to even more people. This is an prime time to make sure that you have your business cards and business pens. Creating a good report with the fellow members of the group or club will go a long way in gaining recommendations for work.

Groups to consider:

BNI – Business Networking Association. You must apply and pay to be in this group. They are around the state and meet once a week as a specific time and location. Good attendance is a must.

Rotary Club – This is a great place to donate your time and provide service to your community. Your efforts will be able to create powerful bonds with popular people.

Social Groups / Clubs – Recreational Sports Leagues, Trivia Leagues, Book Clubs, Historical Recreation Groups, Woodwork classes, Wine Clubs, etc


On the weekends, meet with new agents at their open houses. These will primarily be agents of the sellers showing each particular location that you visit.

Nearly half of all buyers visit open houses as part of their search for a new home in Colorado. This is a great time to make a connection with them as they’re looking at the home.

Finding the Open Houses –

You can either pull a list ahead of time, or drive around and find them in the area you want to visit if it is last minute.

To find a list of open homes, you can simply google search “open houses in the area of your choosing.” Zillow, Redfin, Trulia will all have an easy list.


1. Bag
2. 1/3 page flyer 3. Pen
4. Post-It
5. Business Card 6. Water Bottle 7. Piece of Candy


Don’t – ring the doorbell or knock. Walk right in unless there is a note saying otherwise

Do – greet the agent, if he or she is busy, pick up a flyer and start on your tour

• BecausetheAgentisrunningtheshow,you’llwanttobesure to engage with them directly before engaging with any possible buyers to pass out your business card.

Have a prepared script:

Ex. –
“Hello, I’m [name] from [company]. I’d like to introduce myself and let you know I’m your local inspector and am available for inspections 7 days a week. I am a NACHI Certified Home Inspector and have the ability to do well water tests, radon tests and sewer scopes. Here is a bag of goodies for you and would love to work with you and your clients in the future.”

Make sure to get their business card


1. Enter their info into your CRM 2. Send a Follow Up Email
Ex –

“Dear _Agent_, Thank you for meeting with me yesterday. I wanted to take the time to inform you of my services and welcome you to them. I am _Name from ________ Home Inspections. I am certified, bonded, and insured to help you with all of your real estate needs. We schedule same day, nights, weekends, and even holidays. We work around your client’s budget and time constraints to make the transaction as hassle-free as possible. I look forward to working with you in the future, taking care of all of your inspection needs, and helping you grow in the real estate market.”

3. Place a Follow Up Call. Depending on your interaction with the agent, you might feel like it went well. If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to call them to schedule another individual meeting to establish more of a relationship. You may even get the opportunity to present to their office.


Sometimes you’ll need to “knock doors down,” and literally travel office to office to start new business relationships. Most offices offer a space for you to at least place a business card.

Tips to know before you start:
• Target agent offices with multiple agents • Have a grab-bag
• Have a multi-week follow up strategy

Learn a little about your target before you get there. You’ll want to find things such as:

• Location
• Hours
• # of Agents
• Length of Time in Business • Any Specialty

Get a grab-bag ready to drop off at the office. 1/3 page flyers along with business cards.
Possible grab-bag items:

• CandyBowl
• BusinessCards
• 1/3PageFlyers
• FullFlyers
• ContestFlyer
• Anypromoitems
• Stickersforbottomofbowl • AudioRecorder

Script Ex.-

“Hi I’m ______, with ______ Home Inspections. I wanted to see if you would mind if we brought in some candy for you and your agents?”

Make sure to tell the receptionist who you are and if you are planning on stopping by every week.

Set up any presentation (preferably in the break room) • Stack of business cards
• Candy
• Rack Cards

• Stuff mailboxes with full page flyers.

Set up a schedule to refill any candy and flyers once a week. For weeks 2-4 (or more,) you’ll want to have small variations to the stop- ins.

  • Promo items you have
  • Alternate flyers


There are unique realtor affiliations or groups in which you should join. There will generally be weekly and monthly meetings you can attend, in which you’ll have the opportunity to introduce yourself and give an elevator speech. Be sure to bring your business cards.

DMAR – Denver Metro Association of Realtors NAR – National Association of Realtors
PPAR – Pikes Peak Association of Realtors CAR – Colorado Association of Realtors

IRES – Information and Real Estate Services

Have time to spare? Is the phone not ringing? You have the power to control productivity in these moments. Cold calls, and Agent marketing will always lead to future deals.

  1. Call realtors (systematically)
  2. Have a script or an outline script based on the campaign to openwith. Have a separate script for voicemails.
  3. Always leave a message if they don’t answer.
  4. Provide Unique Selling Points (USP’s)
  5. Follow up
    1. 5.1.  Email
    2. 5.2.  Second follow up call
    3. 5.3.  Managing broker targeting
    4. 5.4.  Daily emails/letters/phone calls


Once you’re ready to develop campaign strategies, you’ll have to identify the different “targets.” A target is a type of lead that you want to market to in a specific way. For example, if you get a call from a person and they found you from HomeAdvisor, you may want to have a custom sales script or discount for them. Whatever the targets may be, (open quotes based on lead source,) you’ll want to have different approaches. Some may be an outbound call campaign; some may be an email campaign.

You’re lead sources can be initially tracked by: 1. Specific phone number
2. Specific website

Create different ads, and phone call scripts that all differ slightly; different discounts, different service packages, different promotional deals, etc.

You can even divide these campaigns into sub-campaigns. These can be as general as frequency of phone calls, or contacts that you never even spoke to. They can be as specific as location, or quality of lead.


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