InterNACHI Safe Practices

Lesson 2: InterNACHI Safe Practices


Begin the InterNACHI Safe Practices below. Complete ALL of the topics listed on the blue menu on the left side, including quizzes and the final exam. Once you have completed all of the topics below, click “Next” to proceed to the next lesson.


*NOTE: your login for this InterNACHI portion is NOT the same as your login for this Axium Academy site. Check your email inbox for your InterNACHI login information that should have been sent to you when you signed up for the membership in Lesson 1.

If you need help getting your login, please contact Lisa with InterNACHI:

Lisa Endza
InterNACHI, Director of Communications
(303) 225-5824


Problems opening the page? CLICK HERE.

Make sure to hit continue on the InterNACHI page above, and finish completing your application before moving to the next lesson.