First Impressions




  • Yourfirstchancetoshowyou’retakingthisjobserious.
  • Aclearlywrittenemailthatshowsconfirmationofschedulinggoes a long way to add some security to about your service.
  • People tend to question if you forgot, when they don’t see aconfirmation email.


  • Aftershowingupontime,yourinitialintroductionshouldbe friendly and you should spend a few minutes to talk to the client and/or agent about any questions or concerns about the property.
  • Most of the time you meet the Client for the first time at the Inspection.
  • Youwanttoletthemknowhowyou’llbeperformingthe inspection and let them know that they are free to follow you around and ask any questions. Also, you want to let them know that you will be taking a lot of pictures and will give them a full review at the end of the inspection. It’s important that they know it’s okay to follow you around and you’re not just trying to get them to leave you alone.
  • Youwillhavemoreconfidence,andtheclientwillhavemore confidence in you. And the less they’ll follow you and look over your shoulder.BE ON TIME:• Being early or on-time suggests you’re organized.
    • Could be perceived as caring and thoughtful
    • A time buffer zone protects you against traffic
    • Youcanuseanydowntimetoreviewyouremails

• Being late suggests you don’t value other’s time.

  • Could be perceived as careless
  • Could be perceived as a waste of money
  • Thosewaitingforyouwilltypicallyusethedowntime as an opportunity to pass judgement on youAXIUM PUNCTUALITY STANDARDS:
  • It is very important for the inspector to be punctual and show up on time to their inspections. In fact, the inspector should try to show up at least 15 minutes early to the inspection.
  • If the inspector arrives before the client/agent and you have time to get everything together and ready for the inspection.
  • Thiswillalsohelpifyouhittrafficorgetaflattireitwillgiveyou a little bit of leeway.
  • If you are going to be late to the inspection you need to call the office to let them know so they can contact the agent/client.
  • Alwaysgivetheofficetimetoleteveryoneknowifyouare going to be late to an inspection. The more time, the better. If your GPS is saying that you are going to be late, call the office no matter what!
  • If an agent has to wait in the car for 5 minutes it will seem like an hour to them, and they will remember that better than the inspection that you do.
  • Once you arrive at the inspection (15 minutes early) check and turn on your audio recorder, organize tools/equipment, put shoe covers in tool bag, and take cover picture of the home.UNIFORM:
  • If you look professional, people will treat you professionally. There’s a different assumption about you when you wear a suit, vs when you wear coveralls.
    Axium standard is:
    Wear a clean collared shirt with our company logo, tucked in, to clean cargo pants. Can wear an approved hat.
  • No jeans
  • Belt clip for smaller tools
  • Display your NACHI ID badge Haveasmallbagwithextraclothes/accessories.

If you’re running from inspection to inspection and some unforeseen weather or accident happens, such as Coffee spills, attic debris, crawlspace mud or sump pump water could start your day and you could potentially need to change your uniform. You will not have time to make extra stops and you’re expected to keep your schedule on track




  • It’s not so much what you drive, but how clean it is says something about you.
  • Someone might look at your car to see it missing a fender or that it’s full of burger wrappers, and wonder – “Are they going to be this messy inspecting my home?”SIGN ANGE:
  • Having badging on your vehicle is good advertising. It also gives you the look of a larger entity.
  • Placing a yard sign could have a similar effect. UNIFORM:
  • Wealwayswanttobeabletosaythatweknowthatweare not the ones who tracked in that mud or dog poop into the house, because we always wear shoe covers.
  • It’s such an easy way to show your respect for their property.
  • Wearingthecoverslookprofessionalandwegetalotofgoodcomments and even some of our reviews mentioned: “They are so professional that they even wore shoe covers.”
  • WehaveactuallyhaddealsfallapartbecausetheSellergotso mad that someone tracked in mud or grease from the garage or something onto their carpet and just said we are not selling to these people.
  • Then,ofcourse,itwillbeabigissuewithyourAgentbecause they will lose their commission and maybe the Home Buyers, who loved the House.REVIEW AGREEMENT:Starting inspection before client gets there is above and beyond – You will want to review the agreement during your first interaction with them.

    Following your introduction, you will want to give them the agreement and a company pen to fill it out, show your binder with your company logo on the front.

    You will want to have them fill out the entire agreement to the best of their ability, as well as sign the waivers on the back of the agreement, if applicable.

    You will also want to make sure that they fill out and sign “The Radon Testing Company” or “Sewer Optics” agreement or waiver, or any vendor you’re working with.

    This is the point where you would want to get payment for the inspection and any other services that are being provided. You will want to say the your company accepts check or cash as forms of payment, and as a last resort we will take credit card payment. Make sure that if you take credit card for payment, use the credit card reader that you have been provided and follow that procedure.


This is critical. Some inspectors have perfect technical skills, but could not communicate with the client and would not get referred. Or worse, people have called the office to say “do not send that inspector again.” Likeability is very important.


  • Answertheirquestions.
  • Make them feel good that you know what you’re talkingabout.
  • Limit small talk
  • Don’t give a lot of explanations• On inspection items
    • On defects
    • On cost associated with fixing/updating componentsor systems
  • Peoplehearwhattheywanttohear.Thisiswhenyouneedtobe restrictive of your opinion, and read your client.
  • Don’tsugarcoatthings,butdon’tbealarming,either.




Giving a complete review at the end of inspection is one of the most important parts of your inspection and is expected from our clients, agents and Axium. You should go through all of your pictures and take the time to answer all of client’s questions prior to leaving the property.

You will want to read the clients reactions as you go. The client and agent either feel very comfortable, or they’ll feel they don’t know what you were talking about. If you sense that there is some confusion or concern, don’t hesitate to ask if they follow what you’re saying. A good verbal review will almost always save you from having to take a phone call down the line.

You never know what your client might think they heard.


• Thisreviewismandatory,andnotoptional.
• Thisreview(andallcommunicationforthatmatter,)mustbe

captured on your audio recorder.
Actual Comment from a client on Verbal Review –

“The Inspector was very nice and professional. He did a nice job. I however was disappointed that he was unable to talk with me for more than a few minutes. I would have liked to be shown a few areas and talked to out of the earshot of owners when he was finished.”


  • Only put in what should be in there – stick to the facts.
  • Leave out what should not be in there – don’t go outsideyour scope.
  • Do not call out problems that don’t exist.
  • Make sure everything you said is contained in the report.
  • Make sure you elaborate enough, don’t be too brief.
  • Be specific – Ex. Don’t just say a window is broken, Say whichone.
  • Clientsappreciatedetail.Thishelpsyougetgoodreviewsandreferrals.
  • Overall, you need to write an accurate report. If your report contains errors and they need to call you to fix it, they’ll pick another inspector next time that they don’t need to call.
  • The inspector always needs to make sure that what they are telling the client verbally is also in the report. There have been many issues with inspector’s telling the client about a defect during the verbal review, but not backing that up in the written report with a picture and explanation.


  • Clients and realtors have a deadline to meet, in which the inspection report from you needs to be submitted to the seller for any objections. This is especially important to the realtor, as your report plays a big role in holding up or adjusting their contract.
  • Axium recommends that you establish a guarantee to your clients of when your report will be delivered. We promise 24hrs.
  • Updating, editing your report becomes much easier when they are delivered in a timely fashion.CUSTOMER SERVICE CALL:There can be a lot of time involved in the office taking customer service calls and emails.

    Reasons for a customer service call include: • Defect analysis

    • Missing a defect
    • Correcting a report
    • Delivering a report
    • Property damage
    • Discussing with all involved parties • Arrangingaresolutions

There have been 2 week periods which 25% of our work hours were overtime hours, just from working on customer service issues. If you have to drive back out to the property to put a panel cover on, or to straighten something up or correct something, that is wasted time and money for you the Inspector.

Customer service can significantly cut into the additional: time, money, and resources normally used for marketing and sales. This can affect your ability to keep inspections schedule full.


  1. You’ll want to review the report for the questions, complaints of the call
  2. Use your report to identify the issue
  3. Decide what your solution is going to be, (it usually involvesyour report)


• Return to property to add something to report • Correct something in report
• Sending a report
• Interpret report

4. Respond within a reasonable time


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