Customer Service Strategy


  1. Agent or buyer calls or emails with complaint
  2. Email ROR (review of report) sent to Inspector, take diligent noteson issue at hand
  3. Formulate best possible response to the issue in order to beginresolving
  4. Draft a response whether it be verbal or email
  5. Contact agent or buyer
  6. Calmly and professionally find a common ground with the agent orbuyer
  7. Determine whether a visit to the site is needed or not, if not, thendetermine the best course of action
  8. Negotiate settlement with Buyer or Agent
  9. Analyze situation and how the problem came to be

10. Determine whether of not a procedure needs to be changed 11. Follow up with agent or buyer if necessary
12. What can we do to prevent this in the future? Update SOP 13. Update inspection software
14. Send training email to everyone


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