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ISN – How to Request Time Off

ISN – How to Request Time Off

Process for entering time off in the ISN schedule from an iPhone, specifically for Field Inspectors.

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1. Click on the ISN app and once inside the app scroll to the bottom and select “Add Calendar Event”.

2. Once inside the Calendar Event start to enter the information for the time off that you need on your schedule.

  • TITLE – Time Off
  • DATE – Put whatever date you need time off
  • START – Select what time to start the time off
  • DURATION – How long do you need the time off

Please look at the example in the screenshot below which shows that time off STARTS at 8am and the DURATION is 4 hours. This would mean you are taking the 8am shift OFF and are available to work a 12pm and 4pm shift.

3. Scroll down to the bottom and choose if it is a recurring event. If it is just for one specific shift you would choose the “Non-Recurring” option. You can also enter recurring time off if you know that you want the same time off for an extended period of time. After you have selected this you would select “Add Event”. You will get a confirmation that the event has been added to your schedule.

4. Next go back to the home screen and check to make sure that the time off has been entered onto your schedule.

5. If you need to edit or delete an even you would have to use the desktop version at That procedure will be included in a separate procedure.