Inspection Training

Inspections & Inclement Weather (UPDATED 9/26/17)

How would you inspect an electrical panel when it is raining/snowing and the panel is located on the exterior of the property? We Don’t!! It could be extremely unsafe to inspect the electrical panel in these conditions and so it is always better to exclude this section. The inspector should take pictures of anything that will not be able to be inspected so they can have proof in the report as to why they were not able to access a certain area.



When it is raining or the roof is covered with snow you can set up your ladder and do an edge inspection, but you would not want to walk a roof that is wet. It is important to be very careful when setting up a ladder when the ground is wet. You want to find a dry and secure surface to put the bottom of the ladder when you set it up. Most of the items on the roof will still go down as “Not Inspected” in your report because you will not be able to access most of the items that would normally get inspected if you walk on the roof. Wet shingles can sometimes hide defects and hairline cracks so there should be a statement in your report that describes this condition and that the roof could not be fully evaluated.


When it is less than 65 degrees outside we do NOT operate the air conditioning system because it can be damaged. We can still inspect the unit on the exterior of the home, but once you move into the interior you would not want to operate the air conditioner.

When performing home inspections during the winter you will want to make sure to keep up on the maintenance of your vehicle. This would include having working windshield wipers, washer fluid, checking your tires, checking your battery, and making sure you have a full tank of gas. These are all great things to do on the weekend so at the start of the week you will not have to worry about having problems with your vehicle. It is a good idea to have AAA or some other type of roadside service in case something happens while you are out on the road driving from inspection to inspection.