Inspection Features of MYM Membership

Inspection Features of the Master Your Market Membership

Inspection & Operation Resources

  • Steps to starting your own business
  • Axium Inspections Contract Services
  • Sales Scripts
  • Customizable Agreements
    • Inspection Agreement
    • Mold Agreemeent
    • Lead Agreement
    • Asbestos Agreement
    • Sewer Scope Agreement
  • The Radon Testing Company
    • ACH Form
    • Measurement and Release Form
    • Client Instructions
    • Inspector Instructions
    • Introduction Letter
  • LegalShield
    • LegalShield Resources
    • LegalShield Enrollment

Daily Inspection Training

  • How to inspect for basement moisture intrusion
  • How to inspect the heating system operation
  • How to inspect the ignition and controls of the heating system
  • How to inspect window wells
  • Customer complaint training
  • How to inspect the plumbing
  • How to inspect the cabinet exterior and interior of the heating system
  • How to inspect the roof structure of the attic
  • How to inspect the basement structural supports
  • How to inspect mounting penetrations at the roof
  • How to inspect the circuit label on the electrical panel
  • How to inspect the basement floor structure
  • How to inspect the AC label information
  • How to perform well water pressure flow test
  • How to inspect basement ceiling structure
  • How to inspect basement foundation wall structure
  • In the Field with Jim Hardin
    • Preparing for a Home Inspection
    • Inspecting solar panels on the roof
    • How to communicate with Realtors
    • How to prepare for your day
    • Documenting gas leaks
    • Inclement weather
    • Expansive soils
    • Duplicating sections
    • Sewer lines and sewer scopes


Software Training

  • Software Training for Beginners Part 1
  • Software Training for Beginners Part 2
  • Software Error Fix – Tutorial
  • CRM Training Part 1
  • CRM Training Part 2
  • General Overview of Software

Video Inspection Training

  • Identifying Hardwood vs Laminated Flooring
  • Electrical Panel Inspection
  • Electrical Panel Inspection with Software
  • Furnace Gas Lead Detection
  • Group Home Inspection

Report Writing Training

  • Professional Inspection Reports
    • 111 S Monroe
    • 231 S Decatur
    • 1166 Madison Ave
    • 2037 Westpoint Ct
    • 2438 Kind St

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