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“In The Field” with Jim Hardin – Sewer Lines and Sewer Scopes

Welcome to “In The Field” with Jim Hardin, where you can learn about real situations that happened out in the field during a home inspection. This will be a great resource for both new and experienced inspectors to learn about a wide variety of different obstacles that a home inspector could experience while out in the field performing a home inspection. Jim will cover it all… From tough agents to naive clients to difficult defects to angry seller’s. Every week Jim will share an experience that he personally had to deal with while performing a home inspection in order to help educate other inspector’s when they come across the same situations. Please review his next post below:

When I first arrive at the property, I prefer to walk both the exterior and interior to get a sense of where everything is located in the property. I know that this is not part of my scope of work, but one of the things that I look for is the location of the sewer clean outs, whether there is a sewer scope scheduled or not. It’s great to let the sewer scope technician know where to find the easiest access. I will also check the property for an alley or if the most likely municipal connection might be in the street. If the technician has to go through a roof vent I will check in the attic for straight down pipes, 45 degree bends, and 90 degree bends. It only takes a couple of seconds while you’re checking out the rest of the property.

If the client has not ordered a sewer scope inspection I will make sure to let them know of the importance of checking out the lines. The cost to repair a damaged sewer line could be tens of thousands of dollars, so in the grand scheme of things it is worth the $149 cost. I will also be mindful of big trees and the draining in the sinks and tubs. These would be common signs that there might be an issue with the sewer lines at the property.

This may give you the opportunity to suggest or schedule a sewer scope and make you a little more money for upselling the sewer scope inspection after evaluating the property. If you are able to upsell a sewer scope inspection you would contact Sewer Optics at 303-843-7280 to schedule the appointment.

Good Inspecting and Be Safe.

Jim Hardin is a certified home inspector through InterNACHI and was part of the very first Axium Academy class that took place back in January of 2016. He started working for Axium Inspections in March of 2016. Since that time, Jim has performed over 1,000 home inspections by averaging around 55 inspections per month. This high volume of home inspections has turned Jim into one of the most requested inspector’s with the company in a very short period of time and he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Prior to working for Axium Inspections Jim worked in the Appraisal and Roofing industries.