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“In The Field” with Jim Hardin – First Time Homebuyer’s

Welcome to “In The Field” with Jim Hardin, where you can learn about real situations that happened out in the field during a home inspection. This will be a great resource for both new and experienced inspectors to learn about a wide variety of different obstacles that a home inspector could experience while out in the field performing a home inspection. Jim will cover it all… From tough agents to naive clients to difficult defects to angry seller’s. Every week Jim will share an experience that he personally had to deal with while performing a home inspection in order to help educate other inspector’s when they come across the same situations. Please review his next post below:

First time buyer’s need an extra amount of time and explanation of any defects we find during the course of the home inspection because they are generally more nervous about purchasing a home compared to someone who has been through the process in the past.

I really like to take my time explaining the features of the different component’s in the home. Additionally, I want to be comfortable that the client knows any possible consequences of a called out defect without scaring them.

We complete an inspection to give the client facts about the home that they are considering so that they can make an informed decision of whether or not the home is worth the value that they are paying for it.

Safety is a very important consideration for the first time buyers. Be sure to show the client where all of the shutoffs are and where the GFCI resets are located.

Take the time to politely explain things to the client and they will appreciate it. So will the Buyer’s Agent. This is a great time to get the Buyers Agent on you side and have them ask for you on future inspections.

If you follow these tips it will make for a much better inspection for all parties involved and it should prevent multiple calls from that client in the future because they have questions that were left unanswered.

Good Inspecting and Be Safe.

Jim Hardin is a certified home inspector through InterNACHI and was part of the very first Axium Academy class that took place back in January of 2016. He started working for Axium Inspections in March of 2016. Since that time, Jim has performed over 1,000 home inspections by averaging around 55 inspections per month. This high volume of home inspections has turned Jim into one of the most requested inspector’s with the company in a very short period of time and he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Prior to working for Axium Inspections Jim worked in the Appraisal and Roofing industries.