Inspection Training

How to Request Time Off

This procedure is important if Axium is answering your phones and booking inspections on your schedule.

All inspectors do have a flexible schedule. Once you are scheduled, you need to commit and fulfill your inspections you’ve agreed to do. (Unless there is an emergency.)

Please review again this entire procedure so we don’t have any future miscommunications and scheduling conflicts:

I. General Time Off Request Procedure

Send an email to (or the admin for your company) with a specific subject line of “Time Off Request”

Then in the body of the email be very specific and list the shifts that you want OFF (not shifts you want to work) in the following format.


I am requesting off at the following times:

Monday (4/4) – 4pm shift
Tuesday (4/5) – 12pm & 4pm shift Wednesday (4/6) – 4pm shift Thursday (4/7) – 8am shift
Friday (4/8) – 4pm shift
Saturday (4/9) – 8pm shift
Sunday (4/10) – All Day


Send the time off requests as soon as you know that you need time off, but try to look at least two weeks ahead for anything that you may have scheduled.

The office attempts to schedule all inspections at the time slots of:

  • 8:00 AM,
  • 12:00 PM,
  • 4:00 PM.

Keep this schedule in mind and request time off in these 4-hour time slots.


Don’t forget about factoring in the one hour drive time. When you mark yourself off, be cognizant of that. Have this mentality.


For example, if you’re off at your 8 am shift then you’re saying you can arrive at a Noon inspection. With that hour drive time, you need to be on duty for work at 11AM. It’s the same with an 8 AM inspection. You need to have the mentality you’d be on the road at 7AM.

  • To see the Scheduler for all “upcoming” inspections and Time Off schedule, click the “All” button at top left corner of the main iPhone screen.
  • When you decide the time off you’d like, email the office ASAP.
  • If you want time off the same day or within 24 hours send an email AND call the office and speak to someone.


Office Admin will go into the scheduler and process your time off request the same day it’s received.

II. Properly Accept Your Time Off to Catch Errors

  • It is the inspector’s responsibility to check and make sure that the admin staff has entered their time off correctly and accurately. If you are in an inspection wait until the inspection is done, try and do this the same day that you send the time off and no later than within 12 hours after you submitted it. If the inspector does not follow this procedure and there is a scheduling conflict, then the inspector must complete the inspection that was scheduled.
  • Go to the Scheduler on your phone within 24 hours after you requested the time off.
  • Click “Schedule” to see it. It takes a few seconds to a few minutes to download, depending on your phone reception and internet connection speed. This screen is set to close and refresh every 5 minutes.
  • An event will appear on your iPhone, for you to accept it.
  • Select the “All” button, then preview all time off entries. Check the Date, Start Time, Stop Time.
  • If all is correct, click the Accept button.
  • Notify Admin of any errors. Be sure you receive confirmation that corrections have been done.

Unless you are scheduled off, Always be Prepared to Work at Anytime that is Available on your calendar even with short notice.

III. Look Two Weeks Ahead

  •  Look 2 weeks ahead on your schedule, especially to check that your time off is accurate.
  • All inspectors should look ahead in their schedule at the beginning of the week to make sure all time off is still accurate.