Inspection Training

How to Properly Merge Reports (UPDATED 3/2/18)

When you are performing a home inspection with another inspector it is CRITICAL that the “Merge” numbers match exactly with each other. If the numbers don’t match, the reports will not merge correctly which could result in having to re-upload reports multiple times

It is solely the responsibility of the Primary Inspector to make sure that the reports are merged properly. In order to do this, the Primary Inspector should take the phone of the Secondary Inspector, this way only one person is inputting the numbers.

Step 1: The most experienced inspector should be the Primary Inspector and should take both phones at this time. Go to the Utilities Menu and on the bottom right-side of the screen you will see the “Merge” button.

Step 2: Once you select “Merge” on both phones it will take you to the screen where you would select if you are the Primary or Secondary. Select the appropriate box on each phone.

Step 3: The Primary Inspector’s phone will generate a number that needs to be entered correctly into the Secondary Inspector’s phone. It will ask you for the number twice and both of those times the number should be copied from the Primary Inspector’s phone. Don’t just copy the number you just manually entered because there could be a mistake.

Step 4: Once the “Merge” numbers have been entered twice you can tap the background of the screen and the boxes will turn green. This will indicate that these numbers match each other, but it does not indicate if it is the correct “Merge” number. That is why it is very important to triple check these numbers are correct before proceeding to the next screen.

Step 5: Next the Primary Inspector will select “Choose Areas” on both phones. This will bring up a list of all the sections in the home inspection and the Primary Inspector will begin scrolling down the list and deleting the proper sections from each phone. Make sure that you don’t delete the same section from both phones., only delete the sections that are highlighted in red. If you don’t inspect a certain section of the home (For Example: There is no crawl space at the property) you would still exclude that section like you normally would in your report. DO NOT completely remove that section here by deleting that section in both phones.

Step 6: After the Primary Inspector has selected all of the correct sections to be deleted on each phone they would then press the delete button at the bottom of the phone. It will generate a small pop up window that makes you confirm that you are deleting the correct sections. Make sure to double check that everything looks correct and select “OK” to delete.

Step 7: The merge should always be done at the end of the inspection while you are still at the property. Try to do it when there are no agents or clients around. After the merge is complete and all proper sections have been deleted from each phone, the Primary Inspector can give the phone back to the Secondary Inspector.

Step 8: At this point, both inspectors should go to the Check Menu and go through those normal steps to make sure all of their sections are complete before leaving the property.