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How to Inspect the Window Wells (UPDATED 11/10/17)

While the inspector is at the exterior of the home they should check all window wells for damage, covers, egress, and that it is properly attached to the home. It is also important to check window wells from the interior of the home because some defects might be more difficult to see from the exterior of the home. Please review the entire procedure below.



International Standards of Practice for Performing a General Home Inspection


3.2. Exterior


I. The inspector shall inspect:



II. The inspector shall describe:



III. The inspector shall report as in need of correction:



IV. The inspector is not required to:



Axium SOP Differences

Axium Requires: Inspector will observe ALL accessible window wells around the property looking for damage, missing covers, and egress issues.


Tools Needed

No tools required to inspect window wells.


  • Inspector should look at every window well around the property and check to make sure it is properly secured to the foundation wall (It can be pulling away or bowing inward). The inspector will also want to take note of any window wells that are missing covers, have debris inside of them, are rusted or deteriorated, and do not have any egress. Window well damage or deterioration will hinder its ability to support the weight of the soil.
  • The inspector should also make sure to inspect the window well from the interior of the home and double check for any defects that might not be visible from the exterior.


Common Defects

  • Window well is damaged or deteriorated, or not secured to the home.
  • No cover on window well – Debris in window well from no cover.
    • All window wells should be covered for safety and to prevent water from filling up the window well.
  • No egress or ladder present at a window well. Window with no well.

Common Mistakes

  • Not checking to make sure the window well is attached and secured to the home.
  • Not looking far enough down the window well to see if there is any deterioration.
  • Not calling out missing covers or egress on window wells.
  • Not checking the window well from the interior of the home.


Report / Software


  • The window wells had covers, were secured to the property, clear of debris and appeared to be in serviceable condition at the time of the inspection.


  • N/A


  • There were no window wells present at the property. This property either did not have basement windows or windows were above grade level.


  • Window with No Well: The property had basement windows at grade level without window wells installed. This could allow water intrusion into property at this point. A qualified contractor should evaluate and repair/replace as necessary.
  • [word 1] window well(s) [word 3] [word 2]. A qualified contractor should evaluate and repair or replace as necessary.
    • Damaged
    • Debris
    • No Covers
    • No Egress
    • No Ladder
    • Not Secured