Inspection Training

How to Inspect the Location and Accessibility of the Heating System

While inspecting the heating system the inspector will want to determine if it is properly accessible and make note of where it is located in the property. Please review the entire procedure below.



International Standards of Practice for Performing a General Home Inspection


3.4. Heating


I. The inspector shall inspect:

A. The heating system, using normal operating controls.


II. The inspector shall describe:



III. The inspector shall report as in need of correction:

B. If the heating system was deemed inaccessible.


IV. The inspector is not required to:



Axium SOP Differences

Axium Requires: We will just note the location of the heating system in this section.


Tools Needed

No tools required to inspect the Location and Accessibility.


  • While inspecting the heating system you will want to make note of the location of the heating system. There are no pictures required for this section.


Common Defects

  • No defects for this section. However, if there is not proper clearance you would still want to select Repair/Replace and write your own statement about not having proper clearance for the heating system. Since we are not code inspectors we don’t have to inspect for code, but it is still nice to make mention of this in the report.

According to IRC (International Residential Code), appliance access for inspection service, repair and replacement; Appliances shall be accessible for inspection, service, repair and replacement without removing permanent construction, other appliances, or any other piping or ducts not connected to the appliance being inspected, serviced, repaired or replaced. A level working space at least 30 inches deep and 30 inches wide (762 mm by 762 mm) shall be provided in front of the control side to service an appliance. Installation of room heaters shall be permitted with at least an 18-inch (457 mm) working space. A platform shall not be required for room heaters.


Common Mistakes

  • Identifying the wrong location for the heating system.
  • Not checking the heating system for proper clearance.


Report / Software


  • The [word 2] was located in [word 1].
    • Location:
      • Attic
      • Basement
      • Basement Mechanical Room
      • Crawlspace
      • Garage
      • Garage Closet
      • Hallway Closet
      • Laundry Room
      • Mechanical Room
    • Identify
      • Boiler
      • Furnace
      • Heating System


  • N/A


  • N/A


  • N/A