Inspection Training

How to Inspect the Ignition and Controls of the Heating System

While the inspector is at the heating system they will want to check the ignition and controls. Once the furnace is turned on using the thermostat the inspector will want to get back to the furnace right away to take a picture of the ignition and controls turning on. Please review the procedure below.


International Standards of Practice for Performing a General Home Inspection


3.4. Heating


I. The inspector shall inspect:

A. The heating system, using normal operating controls.


II. The inspector shall describe:



III. The inspector shall report as in need of correction:

A. Any heating system that did not operate.
B. The heating system was deemed inaccessible.


IV. The inspector is not required to:



Axium SOP Differences

Axium Requires: The inspector will observe the ignition and controls once the heating system is operated by the thermostat.


Tools Needed

No tools required to inspect the Ignition and Controls.



  • Before we turn the heat up at the thermostat we want to make sure that we are in this section and ready to take this picture because once we operate the furnace we will usually only have about a minute to take this picture.
  • Once the thermostat has been turned up we will want to hurry back to the furnace and wait for the ignition to start, this is going to be a bright orange/red light that is behind the burners. Once we see this ignition we will want to take our picture for this section. This light will come on right before the flames ignite in the furnace.

Common Defects

  • No defects for this section.


Common Mistakes

  • Not taking a clear picture of the ignition (make sure the flash is off on the camera).
  • Not getting to the furnace fast enough to take the picture of the ignition.


Report / Software


  • The [word 1] had an electronic ignition system which operated normally. The gas pressure regulator and control valve were functional and in acceptable condition. The burners were inspected and found to be in good working order.
    • Identify:
      • Boiler
      • Furnace
      • Heating System


  • The furnace did not function at the time of the inspection, and the ignition could not be properly evaluated.


  • N/A


  • N/A