Inspection Training

How to Inspect Single Sections of the Home

When the inspector is performing a special inspection or re-inspecting a certain section of the home please use the following procedure:

  • When you create the inspection on your phone you want to select the “Inspection Type” to perform this inspection. For instance, if you are performing a roof only inspection, you would select “Roof Inspection”. We are currently working to get the other individual sections into the inspection software.


  • When performing an inspection of an entire section of the home you will want to use the “Single Family Home” inspection type and exclude the other sections. For example, if you are inspecting the entire kitchen or the crawlspace, this will be the inspection type that you use (Single Family Home). Make sure that when you exclude the other sections that you use a comment that describes that this inspection is a “Kitchen Only Inspection”, for instance.


  • If you are inspecting random areas of the home, you will want to use the “Miscellaneous” inspection type. This could be if you are inspecting just a driveway and the foundation walls. You will want to go into those miscellaneous sections and describe everything that you inspected in detail. You do not want to use the “Miscellaneous” inspection type if you are inspecting an entire section because you could miss a step and forget to inspect an area.


  • After you have performed this inspection and have uploaded the report to the office it is important to follow that up with an email to to let the office know that you have uploaded the report. The reason we do this is because if there has already been a home inspection performed at this address the report will not automatically send and it could just sit in the system. In the subject line of this email it needs to read: Special Inspection Report – (Paste Address of Property Here)