Inspection Training

How to Get Referrals Based on Initial Presentation



  • Show up on time.
  • Have initial discussion with client/agent about about any questions or concerns they have with the property.
  • Have them sign agreement and pay for the inspection.

Your initial introduction should be friendly and you should spend a few minutes to talk to the client and/or agent about any questions or concerns about the property. You want to let them know how you’ll be performing the inspection and let them know that they are free to follow you around and ask any questions. Also, you want to let them know that you will be taking a lot of pictures and will give them a full review at the end of the inspection. It’s important that they know it’s okay to follow you around and you’re not just trying to get them to leave you alone.

Next, you will want to give them the agreement and an Axium pen to fill it out, show your binder with Axium logo on the front. You will want to have them fill out the entire agreement to the best of their ability, as well as sign the waivers on the back of the agreement, if applicable. You will also want to make sure that they fill out and sign “The Radon Testing Company” agreement or waiver. This is the point where you would want to get payment for the inspection and any other services that are being provided. You will want to say that Axium accepts check or cash as forms of payment, and as a last resort we will take credit card payment. Make sure that if you take credit card for payment, you use the credit card reader that you have been provided and follow that procedure.


You want to make a good First Impression. Make sure you have a clean appearance. Make sure to always wear your Axium Inspections shirt, clean and wrinkle free. Wear Khaki pants.  No jeans please. Always be aware of your professional appearance. Wear a belt to clip your tools, recorder, phone to. Tuck your shirt in too.

Have your NACHI photo ID badge showing, clipped to your belt in front.

Be sure to have basically an overnight bag filled with anything you might need, just in case; Extra set of ironed and pressed khaki pants and Axium shirt, extra shoes and boots, deodorant, toothbrush, fingernail clippers, sun screen, aspirin, tums, eye drops, chap stick.

All these things could help make your day better if you’re running from inspection to inspection and some unforeseen weather or accident happens, such as Coffee spills, attic debris, crawlspace mud or sump pump water could start your day and you could potentially need to change your uniform. You will not have time to make extra stops and you’re expected to keep your schedule on track.

We also try to have clean vehicles, which is sometimes difficult, especially in the wintertime. So when you can, try to keep it clean and keep the image of making a good first Impression.  Do not park directly in front of house or driveway. Leave the driveway and front of house open for customer and the real estate agent.

This is HUGE, and one of the things we have issues with.  So it is very important to remember, even on the houses that we don’t think we need shoe covers. You don’t ever want to make that assumption that the floors are too dirty and it will not matter to the client or homeowner.

We always want to be able to say that we know that we are not the ones who tracked in that mud or dog poop into the house, because we always wear shoe covers.

We have actually had deals fall apart because the Seller got so mad that someone tracked in mud or grease from the garage or something onto their carpet and just said we are not selling to these people.  Then, of course, it will be a big issue with your Agent because they will lose their commission and also to the Home Buyers, who loved the House.

So wear Shoe Covers anytime you go in and remove when you go out of the house, which sometimes is a pain, but you try to minimize that, because it can be cumbersome popping them on and off, although it is professional.

So wearing the covers look professional and we get a lot of good comments and even some of our Reviews mentioned:  “They are so professional that they even wore shoe covers.”


We are trying to reduce the instances of homeowner’s complaining we have damaged or disrupted their furniture or other furnishings. For example, that we have scratched tabletops, chair seats, or we have messed up bedcovers.

Please do not place your tools, supplies, clothing, phone, or any of your items on top of the furniture in the home.

Do not place your equipment on rugs or carpeting.
Do not put anything on a table, bed, chair, sofa, countertop, etc.
Strive to put your equipment and supplies on a hard-surfaced floor.