Inspection Training

How to Generate Positive Reviews for your Business

The best way to get a review… is to ASK for one!

During the home inspection is the ideal time to ask the client/agent for a 5 Star positive review. The main websites that would be best to have reviews is on Google, Yelp, and Facebook. There are multiple other websites that would work, but these would be the main websites where you would want to direct your clients and agents. If they did not have a great experience and cannot give a 5-Star review, you would want them to contact you to discuss the issues that they had during the home inspection and what can be done to receive a 5-Star review and improve in the future.

At the end of the home inspection and when the verbal review has been completed is when we should ask for a positive review. Please review the below script that should be used at the home inspection to help gain positive reviews for both the inspector and the company.



Every inspector should have a a business-like card with information on how to leave a review for your business. Below you can see the small card that Axium inspectors use and hand to every agent and client at the end of the home inspection.


It is after the verbal review when the inspector should hand this card to the client/agent and ask for a 5-Star positive review on either Google, Yelp, or Facebook.

What the Inspector Should Say:

1. I really enjoyed working with you today. We are looking to improve ourselves through reviews and if you were pleased with your inspection today I would greatly appreciate it if you could take the time to post a 5 Star review for me on one of these websites (hand agent/client review cards).

2. If, for any reason, you were not satisfied with the home inspection I encourage you to call into the office and speak to my CEO to give any feedback on what I can do to receive a 5-star review you from you and do a better job in the future. (If you are your own boss, this step can be adjusted to make sense for you).

3. Our business relies on positive reviews and referrals in order to grow. I rely on positive reviews to move up in my company and continue to get booked on future home inspections. (Once again, if you are your own boss, this statement can be revised to fit your company).

REMEMBER – You don’t need to be pushy or pressure them to leave a review. Just hand them the card and use the above script to do your best to get yourself and the company a 5-Star Review.