Inspection Training

How to Duplicate Sections of the Report (UPDATED 9/12/17)

When you are performing a home inspection it is very important to DUPLICATE certain sections of the report. The most common section that gets duplicated is the bathroom section, but there are many other situations where you will need to duplicate another section of your report. For instance…

  • If the garage is a separate structure from the home and has its own roof, you would want to duplicate your roofing section and inspect the garage roof separately from the roof of the main structure.
  • If there are multiple attics or crawlspaces located in the home you will want to duplicate a separate section for each individual attic/crawlspace that is present in the home.
  • You will also want to duplicate sections if you have multiple kitchens or laundry rooms. Don’t try to compile all of the information from two kitchens into one kitchen section. 
  • If there is more than one water heater, electrical panel, AC compressor, or furnace it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to duplicate the sections for each additional item you are inspecting to make sure that we keep information separate for each unit.
  • There are not going to be too many situations where you would need to duplicate exterior or interior sections of a home. One example of when you might want to duplicate interior rooms would be if you are inspecting a duplex, or multiple units. You DO NOT need to duplicate interior rooms for every room in the home.

Please review the screenshots and procedure below for how to properly duplicate a section in your report:

  1. The first step you take in your areas section is to hit the graph icon to the left of the number of the section you are duplicating.
  2. Second step is to hit the blue “Duplicate” button in the bottom right corner.
  3. Third step is to confirm by hitting “Duplicate” in the window that pops up.
  4. Fourth step is to confirm you see the duplicated section in your areas list, which is section 8.2 in this example.