Inspector Group Text

Inspector Group Text Network

Want a full-time safety net? Join our extensive Inspector group text network!

This group provides you with instant knowledge while you’re inspecting, creating a report, talking with clients, or any other scenario that you might need some support. We have our experienced Inspectors in the group constantly responding to Inspector’s questions about defect recognition and other topics relating to the field. If you’re in the middle of an inspection and are unsure how to report something you’re observing, simply send a photo and a question to the group and one (or many) educated Inspectors will respond to help you. You can answer questions that other peers have, discuss the industry, and be a part of the community with this easy group text network.

Directions to Join

It’s as easy as creating an account!

Step 1

Start by clicking the button above to start signing up. You’ll get to this page where you’re prompted to Join Group. Go ahead and click the green Join Group button.

Step 2

You will be creating a new account. Click the green button to proceed.



Step 3

You can create an account with your email address or by connecting to your Facebook account. Either option is just fine. You can proceed when you have entered your email or connected to Facebook.

Step 4

Enter you first and last name, your phone number (you can use the default +1 before the area code), and create a password. Proceed to the next step.


Step 5

You will receive a text message from the app in order to verify that you entered the correct phone number. It may take a couple minutes but once you receive it, enter it in to the field and proceed. Follow any directions listed at the bottom of the image if you do not receive the verification code text message.

Step 6

YOU’RE DONE! You will now be able to chat with peers, send texts, receive instant information, and be a part of a large community of educated Inspectors.