Inspection Training

Grade Clearance

On stucco siding the weep screed shall be placed a minimum of 4 inches above the earth or 2 inches above paved areas and be of a type that will allow trapped water to drain to the exterior of the building. In order to provide for inspection for termite infestation, clearance between exterior wall coverings and final earth grade on the exterior of a building shall not be less than 6 inches. On masonry construction only, if the stucco is 5/8 inch or less in thickness, and the stucco is fully adhered – not loose – to the wall and edge of the foundation, the stucco is allowed to extend down into earth below. A 4-inch inspection space above patio and garage slabs and entry areas. The 6 inch minimum termite inspection space may be reduced to 4 inches above patio, garage, and porch areas where there is a concrete slab. When brick, stone or other masonry veneer is installed, that veneer is allowed to extend down to grade as allowed for under masonry veneers, i.e., the below grade part is to be fully grouted and have through the wall flashings. Concrete and masonry foundation walls shall extend above the finished grade adjacent to the foundation at all points a minimum of 4 inches where masonry veneer is used and a minimum of 6 inches elsewhere. The minimum distance above adjacent grade to which the foundation must be extended provides termite protection and minimizes the chance of decay resulting from moisture migrating to the wood framing. A reduced foundation extension is permitted when masonry veneer is used.