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Facebook Business Page Marketing Strategy – Beginner


Hello everyone! Happy to have you reading this post. This is for those of you who are not familiar with Facebook Pages. Most people do not know how to market on Facebook and that’s precisely why Facebook makes it so easy. All you need right now is to have a personal Facebook profile and you can do the rest from there.

In this post I will teach you some basic strategies for creating, growing, and marketing your Facebook Business Page. Facebook is a great way to market to potential customers because you can target them so specifically and learn more about your audience as you go. You can also gain knowledge about your audience and use the data for other marketing platforms and campaigns but we’ll save that for another post.

TIP: Facebook will step you through any feature they have once you get to it.

Don’t be afraid to click around and explore.

Use the Facebook step by steps to help you through the processes.


Creating your page

  • Make a business page – not a profile. Use your personal profile to create your new page.
  • Use related images for cover photo (logo, home inspector, house, etc.)
  • Add a CTA (call to action) button. Call now, register now, book now, etc.
  • Fill out all suggested profile sections like about, descriptions, services, etc.
  • Add services in your About section so people can see what you offer.

  Inviting friends/getting likes

  • Invite all your profile friends to like your page
  • Send a message to your friends telling them about your new business
  • Share your page and boost it to gain new viewers
  • Add your Facebook page link on your website and all other accounts (below). Sharing your pages all over the web is important to gain people who may have never seen you before.
  • Engage with other pages that your audience has liked (real estate company pages, etc.)
  • BE ACTIVE – you must post regularly (once a day or every other day at least) and engage with other pages, people, comments, etc.
  • Run a contest – “Tag 2 friends who needs this for a chance to win a free radon test”

Creating Posts

  • Identify best times to post – schedule posts accordingly. Think about your audience. Are they hard working? Probably a 9am-5pm? Relaxing at home all day? Busy on weekends? When do they get on Facebook? This will become more clear as you post as well.
  • Pin important posts to let your audience know what they need to see
  • Share from others pages and blogs. Post relevant and INTRIQUING content. Don’t just post text telling people about yourself and your business. Connect with them and show them what they WANT to see to create engagement
  • Attention span for a post is less than 8 seconds (if that) so make sure you are posting enticing, relevant images that catch attention with short headlines to get the interest of people.
  • If posting about your business, include your website link or a link that makes sense. You can then track the link clicks to analyze the effectiveness of the posts.
  • Create a brand hashtag (#teaminspectorbusiness) which helps people to tag you if they want to identify you and generates an ongoing brand recognition.
  • Do not use a lot of hashtags. People don’t search hashtags on facebook as much as Instagram or twitter.

Audience and Targeting (advanced research)

  • Location: are you services all of the country? Just one state? Just once city? You can determine where you ideal audience is located. If you’re in Salt Lake City, market to people in Salt Lake City.
  • Age: who needs yours services right now? 80 year olds? 15 years olds? Maybe ages 28-50 (HINT) for home inspections?
  • Gender: which gender might be more likely to need your services? If not specific, you can choose Men and Women. Maybe in some cities there are more women than men and vice versa.
  • Interests: are they interested in nature? Home remodeling? Graphic design? Think about who your clients are. They are most likely working class adults who have an interest in business, growth, family, travel, and similar things based on personas.
  • Use Audience Insights to determine similar interests of your existing audience.
  • Boost posts that are helpful to your audience – not just sales.
  • Promote content that gets people on you mailing list. Have a the post include a link to your website page that has a contact form so you can capture them as a lead.

  Boosting Posts

  • With a business page, you can pay to boost a post, meaning the post will show up to more people than just the people who liked your page. You can choose the audience that it is shown to.
  • Don’t boost every post if you have a low budget. Boost only posts that are engaging and are advertising your business. You don’t want to be spending money advertising someone else’s blog post, right?
  • You can edit your posts and boosts. You can change the amount you spend, how long it is boosted for, and the content of the text.
  • This will get you more views, likes, shares, follows, and all over reach to your audience.


  • You can use paid advertising to promote your website, facebook page, an article, etc.
  • Great way to get your company in front of people who have not heard of you before.
  • Set a practical budget, target your audience, and analyze.

 Ongoing Promotions

  • Create ongoing promotions which just run consistently determined by the budget you set.
  • Create at least 5 ads within the campaign to test which ones are working best. Facebook will then show the best ones more often.
  • Adjust ads frequently until you’ve found a great one. Then model the ad to create more.
  • You can adjust you budget at any point and cancel at any point.
  • If you have a sale, you can post the offer on facebook for people to redeem
  • Include the following ALWAYS, before publishing:
    • You company name
    • Your website
    • Your phone number
    • Promo code
    • Expiration date
    • Terms and conditions
    • Enticing image
    • Where they redeem it (phone, online?)
  • Respond to comments and messages as soon as possible
  • Measure your success on certain posts then repeat your process for the successfully ones
  • Create events (fun runs, new deals, hail damage season specials, etc.) to keep followers engaged and entice new audiences
  • Run a promotion specifically for page likes
  • Target people who have liked your page
  • Target people who look like your page audience (Lookalike Audience)


Want to watch a video about how to do all of this? Watch the Conference Webinar – Facebook video