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Evaporative Cooler’s and Home Inspections

This was a recent question on the group text about how to inspect evaporative cooler’s during a home inspection. Please review the procedure below.


You are not responsible for inspecting the evaporative cooler itself. It is outside the scope of a home inspection. Make sure that the wiring does not touch the flue. The heat from a flue can melt the outer coatings of the wire, and is a fire hazard.

Evaporative coolers need to be installed at least 10 feet from fireplace, furnace and hot water flues or chimneys to minimize the possibility of the cooler circulating products of combustion, like carbon monoxide, throughout the house.  The same 10-foot rule applies to drain/waste vents.  When the 10-foot rule cannot be maintained, the vents, etc. must be extended 3-feet above the top of the cooler.

Evaporative cooler’s should provide a minimum of 3-feet of clearance to any side of the cooler that requires access for maintenance. Be sure the cooler inlet is 10-feet away from, or 3-feet below, plumbing vents, gas flues, clothes dryer vents, or bathroom, kitchen, or laundry exhaust fan vents.

In the inspection software you would exclude the cooling section and select “Not Inspected”. There is a comment that you can select for evaporative cooler’s. It is still recommended to at least turn the evaporative cooler on and take a temperature picture with the infrared thermometer to at least prove that it was operational at the time of the inspection.