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“Environmental Training” with Jon Poiry – Part 1: Introduction

Welcome to “Environmental Training” with Jon Poiry, where you can learn about the multiple different environmental issues that you could come across during a home inspection. This will be a great resource for both new and experienced inspectors to learn about a wide variety of different environmental issues that a home inspector could experience while out in the field performing a home inspection. Jon will cover it all… From Mold to Asbestos to Lead to Formaldehyde. Every week Jon will share his knowledge with environmental inspections in order to help educate other inspector’s when they come across these items in the field. Please review his first post below:

The Environmental Department at Axium offers a wide variety of environmental inspection and testing services. New information regarding these inspections is released on a regular basis ensuring that we collect the correct information, perform an unbiased inspection, and report findings accordingly. Certifications are earned through InterNACHI, the EPA, and the State of Colorado. We ensure that our inspectors are collecting all necessary data and reporting the findings according to the correct standards. The services that are performed help our clients with health issues, legal matters, and demolitions. 


During an inspection we are evaluating any of these at a general level. When a defect related to these items is observed that should be further evaluated it is a great opportunity to explain to the client that an issue has shown the possibility of negatively affecting the building and further testing is advised. Examples of this would be broken seals in windows may need a building envelope or Infrared Inspection, possible mold like substances should be air or physically sampled, and new construction since 2012 should be tested for formaldehyde and other VOC’s.


Infrared Inspections allow the inspector to see thermal readings that will show a loss of energy in the building envelope (like missing insulation in vaulted ceiling). This type of inspection can assist in locating current leaks that are wet as well.


Wood Destroying Organisms can be a problem as most homes use lumber for construction. The exterior and interior are inspected for current and past activity.


Moisture Inspections are performed to show a buildings moisture content and establish a probability factor for mold.


Well Water Inspections provide the crucial information necessary for transfer of title for a property on a well. The information provided during these inspections include the water pressure, flow rate (Gallons Per Minute), and sampling for water quality.


Formaldehyde and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) testing allows the inspector to inform clients of new construction or recent remodels of the chemicals used that can be harmful to a persons health.


Mold Inspections include taking moisture readings, looking for current mold activity, taking air or physical samples, and reporting the findings with an appropriate plan of action.


Lead Testing is dominantly for lead based paint. Tile and other compounds can be tested depending on the intention of the property. The older the property is the higher the probability is that lead based products are present.


Asbestos Inspections help identify areas of possible asbestos containing materials. These areas are sampled and reported as having a higher than 1% ACBM (Asbestos Containing Building Material) or non detect ACBM.


Each week a different service will be described with what to look for, how to identify the issues, and how to sell these services to the client. The inspections and tests provide clients with information on the structure, any special health concerns, and offer a general peace of mind knowing that no matter the issue the correct course of action will be provided.

Jon Poiry is a certified home inspector through InterNACHI and is the Environmental Manager for Axium Inspections. He is certified in Mold, Wood Destroying Organisms (WDO), Infrared, Well Water, Indoor Air Quality and Electromagnetic Fields (EMF). He is also licensed to perform Asbestos and Lead inspections. Prior to working for Axium Inspections Jon worked in the restaurant/bar industry, at Solar City, and was a firefighter in Los Angeles and Iraq.