Inspection Training

Double Tapped, Federal Pacific Electric Panel

This is a Federal Pacific Electric panel and double tapped (double lugged) electrical breaker. A Federal Pacific Electric panel can be identified by the orange tips on the breakers. This brand panel has been known to have a higher failure rate than other panels and the Stab-Lock breakers do not always trip when needed and the breakers can loosen up in the panel. These panels have an increased chance of becoming a fire hazard. When you secure two wires to one breaker the connecting screw is not designed to properly secure both wires and one wire can become loose and create an arc and fire hazard in the panel. The breaker can also be overloaded by applying the load of two circuits that it was not designed for and when combined with a breaker that is known to have a high failure rate is a double concern for fire hazard. An inspector should always notify the client of the potential hazards of this brand of panel and the defective double tapped breaker.