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  A new type of gas meter – the Klein ET120. It appears to work very well.The tool has an extra long goose neck that makes it easier to reach those gas joints that are in a 10 foot basement ceiling. The meter also has two sensitivity settings, low and high.It has audible and visual […]

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INITIAL PRESENTATION Show up on time. Have initial discussion with client/agent about about any questions or concerns they have with the property. Have them sign agreement and pay for the inspection. Your initial introduction should be friendly and you should spend a few minutes to talk to the client and/or agent about any questions or […]

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Every week Sean Bresloff will be providing everyone with some quick audio training on how to go above & beyond while performing home inspections. In this weeks addition he will be discussing the importance of taking good pictures in your report. Please take the time to listen to the audio recording below.  

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While inspecting the property it is extremely important to inspect the attic. Sometimes it will be difficult to find the attic and you would want to make sure not to exclude that section of the report unless you are sure that it is not present. Although, it will only be on the very rare occasion […]

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The best way to get a review… is to ASK for one! During the home inspection is the ideal time to ask the client/agent for a 5 Star positive review. The main websites that would be best to have reviews is on Google, Yelp, and Facebook. There are multiple other websites that would work, but […]

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When the inspector is inside of the home and inspecting the heating system they should switch back over to the Cooling System section of the report. This is where the inspector will want to go to the AC Evaporative Coils section and select “Not Inspected” since we are not able to see the coils. You […]

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When the inspector is in the kitchen one of the first things that should be done is turning on the water at the sink(s) so they can begin to fill up while inspecting other portions of the kitchen. It is extremely important to check all of the piping below for any leaks after draining the […]

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The water heater age is one thing that will always be important to your clients, so it is important that the inspector knows how to properly look up the age of the water heater. Any water heater that is older than 10 years should be noted under Repair/Replace. Please review the below procedure:   NACHI […]

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