Inspection Training

**UPDATE** Customer Complaint Training – Window Wells **UPDATE**

CUSTOMER COMPLAINT – The buyer for the property had sent an email to the office with pictures of a window well that was severely damaged and was wondering why it was not in the report. The inspection objection deadline had already passed so the buyer was not able to ask the seller’s to fix the issue. They got some quotes that it could cost up to $3,000 to replace the window well and would like the company to pay to fix this item that was missed during the home inspection.

PROCEDURE – While inspecting the window wells it is important to not only inspect from the exterior of the home, but also from the interior. The inspector should check to make sure that there is proper egress, covers, that it is attached, and that there is no rusting or deterioration. If any of these defects are present it needs to be put in the report as a Repair/Replace comment.


RESOLUTION – After reviewing the pictures it was determined that this was a miss from the inspector and it would need to be replaced by the company. The client was offered to either accept a refund of the inspection fee or once they took possession of the home our company could go to the property to evaluate and replace the window well for them at a later date. The client agreed to have the company come out to replace the window well when they moved into the house and was pleased that the company would do this for him. This was unfortunately just an oversight by the inspector who didn’t see the damage to the window well and there was no way to defend this miss, so the company had to make things right which brought this situation to an amicable resolution.


The company looked into multiple different options to replace the window well and got quotes that ranged from $4,000 to $6,000. Luckily, the company had a few people in the radon mitigation department that were able to assist with the replacement of the window well. It took two days and the cost for labor and materials was able to be brought down to $1,420. The procedure for the company is that when an inspector misses an item that is visible at the time of the inspection they have to pay for it to be fixed or replaced. Employees are set up on a commission/bonus structure and the amount of $1,420 will be adjusted from the employee’s bonus over a period of time. Please review the pictures of the fix below.