Inspection Training

Customer Complaint Training – Resetting GFCI Outlets

CUSTOMER COMPLAINT – After the home inspection the seller’s of the property called to inform us that the radon mitigation fan was no longer working. They claim that it was working before the inspection and that the inspector must have done something to cause it to stop working. Even though during the course of a home inspection we don’t inspect anything that has to do with the radon mitigation system the seller’s insisted that we come back to the property.


PROCEDURE – During the home inspection we will not inspect radon mitigation systems. However, we will inspect the electrical panel and all of the electrical outlets around the property. Any electrical outlets that are GFCI protected we will test by using our GFCI outlet tester to trip the receptacle. It is extremely important to make sure to reset the outlet after it has been tripped and make sure that all outlets are working before leaving the property.


RESOLUTION – The inspector ended up going back out to the property to evaluate why the radon mitigation system was not working and was able to find a GFCI outlet in the basement that had been tripped but not reset. The outlet was hidden and not easy to find, but after resetting the outlet the mitigation system started to work again and the situation was resolved with all parties being content with the outcome.