Inspection Training

Customer Complaint Training – Multiple Issues After Home Inspection

CUSTOMER COMPLAINT – The client came home after the home inspection and the water at the shower was not working. The client also stated that the power was out at the property when they returned home and they had to go out to the electrical panel to flip the main breaker to the “on” position. The last complaint that the client had was in regards to the gutters at the roof, which they claim were damaged from our ladder being up against them when we accessed the roof.


PROCEDURE – In regards to the shower, we will operate using the normal operating controls and will never turn any main shut off valves on or off. The problem with this shower is the different settings that are present on the shower head and not getting the water to spray out evenly. This was an issue during the home inspection that took the two inspector’s and the agent/client to figure out why the shower wouldn’t work properly. When we inspect the electrical panel we will not operate the breakers and if we accidentally trip a breaker we will flip it back to the original position. The power was on at the property when the inspector’s left this inspection. Finally, when accessing the roof we will set our ladders up against the gutters and use a clamp to secure the ladder. If the gutters begin to dent or get damaged we will move our ladder to a different section of the roof.


RESOLUTION – After sending our inspector out to the property to evaluate everything the situation has been resolved. The issue with the shower still had to do with the shower head and the inspector showed the homeowner what was done during the inspection and explained that we don’t shut any valves off. We also apologized about the electrical panel and gutters, and explained our procedures for inspecting those two items. The homeowner was content with the resolution and all the agents were pleased with the outcome.