Inspection Training

Customer Complaint Training – Inspecting for Rodents/Pests

CUSTOMER COMPLAINT – The client called into the office with a complaint that once they moved into the home it was found that there was a rodent problem in the home. The client was upset that this wasn’t mentioned in the report. They were purchasing this home from out-of-state and were not able to look at the home with their own eyes, so they were relying on their agent and inspector to “catch” everything that was wrong with the home. The client expects some compensation to help get rid of the rodent problem.

PROCEDURE – While inspecting a home it is outside the scope of inspection to inspect for any rodents or pests. If there is clear, visual evidence of an issue the inspector will make note in the report as a courtesy. There are no requirements to inspect for pests/rodents and that is clearly written in the inspection agreement and the inspection report.

RESOLUTION – After speaking to the client and agent multiple times they still contend that this was something that was missed. In an attempt to keep the client and the agent happy the company offered $200 as a courtesy to put toward getting the rodent problem fixed. This seemed to make all the parties that were involved happy and this was able to close this complaint. Sometimes it is better to settle on a small refund amount if it keeps everyone happy and avoids negative online reviews.