Inspection Training

Customer Complaint Training – Garage Door Operation

CUSTOMER COMPLAINT – After the home inspection the garage door no longer worked by using the button. When the inspector operated the garage door by pressing the button it began to smoke. The homeowners claim that the garage door was working fine before we got there and they believe it is our fault that it is no longer working, so we should pay to get it repaired or replaced.

PROCEDURE – While performing the inspection of the garage door the first thing that is done to test the door is to pull the safety release cord and to operate the door manually. After checking the door manually the inspector needs to reconnect the door on the track and then operate the garage door operator by pressing the button.

RESOLUTION – This was a situation that was difficult to ascertain who/what was at fault for the garage door not working. The inspection manager hired a garage door company to meet at the property with the homeowner to evaluate the situation. The garage door expert said it would be impossible to determine what could have caused the garage door to start smoking and if our company was liable for it breaking. The unit was 12 years old and was a brand that was known to break over time. This information did not satisfy the homeowner who still had the argument that it was working before our company tested the garage door. Since it was impossible to determine if our company was responsible or if the garage door operator had reached the end of its life, the inspection manager offered to split the cost of a new garage door operator. The homeowner agreed to this resolution and the garage door was replaced for a total of $375, which was split between the homeowner and the home inspection company.