Inspection Training

Customer Complaint Training – Excluding Roofs for Condos & Townhouses

CUSTOMER COMPLAINT – The buyer agent called into the office and was upset that the inspector did not inspect the roof of the townhouse. He said that he refers our company all of the time and he expects our company to be able to inspect every roof, regardless of the configuration of the roof. The inspection objection deadline was the same day that the agent called the office and he demanded that we find a way to inspect the roof and get him the report by the end of the day.


PROCEDURE – When inspecting a condo or townhouse the roof will be excluded the majority of the time because it will be covered by an HOA. The inspector will also exclude the roof if it is wet or covered with snow, if it is higher than 15 feet, or if it is a concrete tile roof (or any other material that is fragile and can be damaged). When we exclude the roof we will take photos in our software and comment on the reason that we are not able to inspect the roof. The inspector should also send an email to the office with an explanation of why the roof was excluded (along with pictures) so it can be brought to the attention of the Listing and Buyer Agent for the property.


RESOLUTION – In this situation the townhouse did not have an HOA, but the roof was greater than 15 feet with no possible way for the inspector to safely access and walk the roof. There are a couple of different ways that we could have gone about inspecting this roof. The first would have been to send an inspector to the property with the Spectroscope, which is a long pole with a camera that can be used to inspect the roof from the ground. The second option was to send our inspector who is licensed to operate drones to perform the a roof inspection. We decided to go with the second option to send our drone inspector to the property due to logistics. He performed the inspection and the report was sent to the buyer agent and client on the same day it was requested, so they were able to get the defects in before their inspection objection deadline and all parties were pleased with the service.