Inspection Training

Customer Complaint Training – Dryer Outlet in Laundry Room

CUSTOMER COMPLAINT – After the client moved into the home they bought a new dryer for the laundry area. When they plugged in the new dryer it wouldn’t work and now the outlet needs to be replaced for $450. The client knows that when we checked it in the report that it was working, but now that it isn’t working they feel that it is our fault and want us to pay for the replacement of the outlet.

PROCEDURE – While performing the inspection of the laundry room we will test the dryer outlet if it is accessible. We will not operate the dryer or unplug/move the machine to inspect this outlet. We will use the 220V tester to check the dryer outlet to show that it is working at the time of the inspection.

RESOLUTION – The Inspection Manager called the client to discuss that we can only test for the operation of the outlet at the time of the inspection. The photo above clearly shows that at the time of the inspection the outlet was working and there is nothing else that we could have done. The client did not seem completely happy with that answer but did understand for the most part.