Inspection Training

Customer Complaint Training – Drainstopper Stuck in Bathroom Sink

CUSTOMER COMPLAINT – The buyer agent called into the office and was upset that the drainstopper in the sink of the bathroom was stuck and we were not able to fix. The agent stated that it wasn’t like that before the inspection and that we needed to send someone out to fix right away.


PROCEDURE – When inspecting the sinks in the bathroom we will operate the drainstopper normally by pulling up on the linkage so we can fill the sink up with water. If the drainstopper gets stuck during this operation it is not something that was broken by the inspector, it is a defect that should be noted in the report. The inspector should try there best to get the drainstopper unstuck, but should not do anything that could risk causing damage to the sink.


RESOLUTION – In this situation the buyer agent insisted that we were responsible and wanted someone to go out to fix the drainstopper that was stuck. It was explained to the agent on multiple occasions that this was not our responsibility, but the responsibility of the homeowners to fix since it was broken before we inspected the house. That being said, in the interest of keeping our agents happy and closing out the issue, we sent a plumber that we have on staff to fix the drainstopper that was stuck. He was able to fix and everyone was happy with the resolution. The CEO even offered to visit the agent offices to give them a presentation on what they should realistically expect for future home inspections.