Inspection Training

Customer Complaint Training – Checking Exterior Faucets on Condos/Townhouses

CUSTOMER COMPLAINT – The customer called and was angry that we “missed” an exterior faucet during the home inspection. Once they moved into the home the client tried to use an exterior faucet at the condo and it was not working. They think that this should have been checked during the home inspection and that we should fix or pay to have someone fix. The client was informed that we did not inspect the exterior faucet because it was covered by the HOA, but the HOA said that it wasn’t covered because the water comes from inside the property.

PROCEDURE – While performing a home inspection on a condo or a townhouse the procedure is to exclude the exterior of the property because it is covered by an HOA (Home Owner’s Association). It is always best to double check with the agent/client that the exterior is covered by the HOA so it is clear that the inspection of anything at the exterior is not included in the scope of this home inspection.

RESOLUTION – After explaining our standards and the scope of the inspection to the client they were still not pleased and believe that this was missed and that our company should pay to fix the exterior faucet. The decision was made to meet the clients in the middle and a master plumber was sent out to evaluate the exterior faucet to give advice on how to fix it and what the cost would be to fix it. The client was accepting of this gesture and to date this situation has now been resolved.