Inspection Training

Customer Complaint Training – Broken Sink Faucet

CUSTOMER COMPLAINT – The client complained that when our inspector took water samples from the kitchen sink that we broke the faucet and it had to be replaced at a cost of $100. They would like for us to pay for the replacement cost of this item since it was working fine before we ever touched the faucet.

PROCEDURE – When we take water water samples we will remove the aerator cap and clean with an alcohol swab before we take the samples. When the inspector did this the faucet fell off in his hand. After looking at the faucet the inspector discovered that the faucet was completely rusted on the inside and had previous signs of repair. Following procedure, that inspector took a picture and sent it to the office to document what had just happened. He also happened to have his recorder on and had a conversation with the homeowner where they admitted that the faucet was at the end of its life.

RESOLUTION – Since the inspector followed this procedure and had proper documentation it was easy to explain the the homeowner and listing agent that this was damaged before we got to the property and because of that we were not responsible for the replacement cost of that faucet. The recording and the picture were able to help us document everything and inform the parties that we did nothing wrong during this inspection. This situation was resolved without issue and everyone was understanding after explaining our procedures and letting them know how we documented everything.