Inspection Training

Customer Complaint Training – Attic Access Hatch Damaged

CUSTOMER COMPLAINT – The buyer agent emailed into the office with pictures of an attic access hatch that had fallen to the floor and was broken. There was also insulation all of the floor. The homeowners had claimed that the inspector was the last person to access the attic and that the hatch must not have been secured properly, which caused it to fall out of place and crash to the floor. They would like the inspector to pay for the replacement of the attic access hatch.


PROCEDURE – While inspecting the attic the inspector is required to take two specific pictures in order to show that the access hatch has been replaced properly and that there was no insulation left on the floor. After going up into the attic the inspector needs to replace the attic access hatch very carefully. If there is any insulation present on the floor the inspector should get it cleaned up and thrown into a trash can or placed in the inspector’s tool bag to dispose of later. The first picture that needs to be taken is of the attic access hatch back in place. The second picture is of the floor underneath the attic access hatch to show that there is no insulation that has fallen out of the attic.


RESOLUTION – After reviewing the pictures in the report it was clear that the inspector had properly secured the attic access hatch from the picture. The hatch also just happened to have a locking mechanism in place and in the picture you can tell that the hatch was in placed and locked. The second picture also showed no insulation was present on the floor after the attic had been inspected. This was also a home inspection that was performed more than a month ago and there could have been plenty of opportunities for someone else to access that attic and not secure the hatch as well as the inspector did when he inspected the property. This was all detailed in a return email to the buyer agent with the time stamped photos from the report included which show that when we inspected the property over a month ago the hatch was secured in place. There was never any additional correspondence from the buyer agent after that email so this situation was resolved without any further issues.