Inspection Training

Customer Complaint Training – Accurate Report Writing

CUSTOMER COMPLAINT – The buyer agent emailed into the office upset about multiple items that were not correctly reported in the home inspection report. The multiple issues ended up casting doubt on the entirety of the report and the seller’s viewed the report as invalid, so would not fix anything. The buyer agent and buyer’s ended up having to go to the seller’s house to have them explain how certain things we called out in the report were inaccurate. As a result of these issues the agent is requesting a full refund of $400 for the home inspection. The first issue was that we called out there were tree limbs overhanging the roof, which was inaccurate because in the pictures it shows that we meant to use the overgrown vegetation comment. The second issue was that we said the sprinkler system supply line was “Not Present”, when it was clearly present and accessible to be inspected.
PROCEDURE – While inspecting a home it is extremely important to inspect every item accurately and make sure that the report is free of any errors. One way to double check that the report is accurate is to use the review flag button while performing the inspection to make sure that when you go through the check menu you can take a second look at those items.


RESOLUTION – After the initial call to the office, the buyer agent spoke to the inspector for clarification. That clarification was not enough to suffice for the issues that our inaccurate report caused for this transaction. After that conversation with the inspector the buyer agent wrote a long email to the company requesting the refund. The inspection manager and CEO reviewed the report and all of the information, and after analyzing the situation decided it was in the best interest of the company, agents, and clients to issue a full refund. There were multiple other issues in the report that we were able to argue and explain why we did things a certain way, but at that point it was too late because the other issues in the report could not be defended since they were blatant mistakes. In the end, everyone was pleased with the outcome, but let this serve as a warning to how important it is to make sure your reports are accurate, otherwise you might be issuing a refund for a future inspection.