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While the inspector is in the laundry room the dryer vent piping should be visually inspected. It is important to check that it is properly installed and does not have any kinks or damage that could cause lint buildup, which could be a fire hazard. Please review the below procedure for how to properly inspect […]

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While the inspector is in the laundry area the washer drain should be marked in the report as “Not Inspected” due to most of the drain being located behind the wall and not being able to evaluate that drain. Please review the entire procedure below.   NACHI SOP   International Standards of Practice for Performing […]

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CUSTOMER COMPLAINT – After the client moved into the home they bought a new dryer for the laundry area. When they plugged in the new dryer it wouldn’t work and now the outlet needs to be replaced for $450. The client knows that when we checked it in the report that it was working, but now […]

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