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When the inspector is in the kitchen one of the first things that should be done is turning on the water at the sink(s) so they can begin to fill up while inspecting other portions of the kitchen. It is extremely important to check all of the piping below for any leaks after draining the […]

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Complaint from Listing Agent: “The inspector left the oven on and my client (the current homeowner) is Furious!!!” Complaint from Client: “We just moved into our home and operated the oven for the first time and it caught on fire.” It is very, very important that we remember to turn off the cooktop and oven after our […]

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While the inspector is in the kitchen they will inspect the dishwasher. Although inspecting appliances is outside the scope of the home inspection according to InterNACHI we will go above and beyond and inspect this appliance for our clients. When we first get to the property we will start the dishwasher using a normal cycle. […]

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One of the most common phone calls that we receive after the client has moved into their home is an issue with the dishwasher not working properly. Inspection of all appliances, including the dishwasher, is outside the scope for a general home inspection. This means that we aren’t even required to inspect the dishwasher according […]

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Please review the video below with InterNACHI Certified Master Inspector Dirck Parsons to learn the proper procedure for how to inspect the kitchen during the course of the home inspection.    

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CUSTOMER COMPLAINT – After the buyer’s had moved into the property they operated the dishwasher and there was leaking which caused extensive damage to the flooring. They emailed into the office to let us know that since we didn’t inspect the dishwasher that we were liable for all of the damage and needed to buy them […]

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CUSTOMER COMPLAINT – The client complained that when our inspector took water samples from the kitchen sink that we broke the faucet and it had to be replaced at a cost of $100. They would like for us to pay for the replacement cost of this item since it was working fine before we ever touched […]

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CUSTOMER COMPLAINT – A few months after the home inspection the clients moved into the home and operated the oven. After the oven was on for five minutes it sparked and caught on fire. The fire department had to be called and now the customer is upset because they think that we missed this during the […]

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