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At the end of the home inspection one of the last things that will be inspected is the heating system and supply registers. After activating the furnace and taking your required pictures for that section the next thing to do would be going into every room to check that the heat source is working properly. […]

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There has been a recall issued for Kidde Smoke Alarms so everyone should take a moment to watch the video below and click the link to read the full news story.   

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While the inspector is in the garage they should inspect the garage floor for any damage. The most common defects will be cracking, heaving/settling, and spalling. Please review the entire procedure below. NACHI SOP International Standards of Practice for Performing a General Home Inspection   3.10. Doors, Windows & Interior   I. The inspector shall […]

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While the inspector is inspecting the interior of the home they should check all of the windows around the property. Please review the customer complaint and the entire procedure below.   Complaint from Client: “The inspector did not catch a big crack in the window and now it’s too late to put in our inspection objection. […]

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Please review the video below with InterNACHI Certified Master Inspector Dirck Parsons to learn the proper procedure for how to inspect the Interior during the course of the home inspection.

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CUSTOMER COMPLAINT – The seller of a vacant home went to the property a week after the home inspection to find that the boiler had been left turned on in two of the four zones of the property. They called the listing agent who called the buyer agent who called us to complain about this situation. […]

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