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  A new type of gas meter – the Klein ET120. It appears to work very well.The tool has an extra long goose neck that makes it easier to reach those gas joints that are in a 10 foot basement ceiling. The meter also has two sensitivity settings, low and high.It has audible and visual […]

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Plan Ahead and Try to Show up 15 Minutes Before Start of Job It is very important for the inspector to be punctual and show up on time to their inspections. In fact, the inspector should try to show up at least 15 minutes early to the inspection. This way the inspector arrives before the […]

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There has been a recall issued for Kidde Smoke Alarms so everyone should take a moment to watch the video below and click the link to read the full news story.   

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CUSTOMER COMPLAINT – The client called into the office with a complaint that once they moved into the home it was found that there was a rodent problem in the home. The client was upset that this wasn’t mentioned in the report. They were purchasing this home from out-of-state and were not able to look at […]

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As an inspector, it is important to always keep an eye on the weather and have a good weather app on your phone. When you know the weather is going to be bad you want to set your alarm earlier and give yourself double the time you normally would to get to your inspection. It […]

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How would you inspect an electrical panel when it is raining/snowing and the panel is located on the exterior of the property? We Don’t!! It could be extremely unsafe to inspect the electrical panel in these conditions and so it is always better to exclude this section. The inspector should take pictures of anything that […]

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